About Us


MG Tennis Tipster is a professional Tennis Betting Advisor Service created in 2014.

Besides a decade of experience in Sports Betting, I also have two Academic Degrees – Physical

Education and Finance – and a large experience as tennis journalist and tennis writer in world

known websites such as SportsBookReview.

This service is destined for those who are looking for a long-term profitable investment.

Working Method

All the picks are published on Pinnacle.

Each pick will contain a 10 minute alert, a detailed explanation and a “No Bet Under” price.

You should expect around 20 – 60 picks per month, depending on the offered value.

Money Management

Each person is free to define their own money management system however, we advise to

follow a conservative approach because losing streaks are inevitable. We’ll use a 2 units flat

stake system and we recommend you to bet 1% of your bankroll per bet, which means 0.5%

per unit.

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact at